About Us

OneForex is the newest addition to OneAcademy. It is an unique training program for individuals who want to enter the world of the Forex market and learn its secrets. Designed by top professionals it will take you step-by-step, level by level through all you need to become a real Forex trader!

We make it possible for everybody to benefit the most from the 5 trillion USD daily opportunity which the global Forex market presents

If you want to trade with currencies and to profit from their fluctuation the Forex market is the right place for you. The forex market is the world's largest financial market. It boasts more than 5 trillion USD daily turnover. It is a place where you can easily exchange one currency against another. In a fraction of a second you can buy US Dollars, Euros, then change them to British pounds, Chinese yuans or Singaporean dollars. Then later you can easily go back to US Dollars. This can be done 24 hours per day five days a week.

In the Forex market you can see central banks, commercial banks, investment funds, brokerages and companies. Beside them millions of people are giving their best guesses of where some currency pair will go. All those participants are building the Forex market and every move they make is creating a powerfull opportunity.

A powerful opportunity

OneForex provides a lifetime opportunity. With our innovative training program you will learn how to spot potential market moves and how to catch them. All this if mastered is a source of income with no boss or an office. An income which nobody can take away from you.
There are numerous examples of people who have succeeded in Forex trading. Who were able to make a living or even build fortunes based on this opportunity. But how did they do this? This question can be answere in two words - proper education. That is why we've created the OneForex educational program.


OneForex is a combination between an innovative education and a simulated trading environment. Our industry leading experts have designed a Forex training program which covers all aspects of succesfull Forex trading. The program contains five different packages which include hot topics like Idea Generation, Timing signals, Risk Management and most importantly three fully developed trading strategies!

One trade should not break you but it can make you!

This quote say it all! It is very important to know how to spot the big opportunity in the Forex market, how to correct time this trade and close it with the maximum possible profit. BUt even more important is to now how to deal with a trade if the things go against you, when the maket is moving in the opposite direction of your position. In such moments, and they happen, one is better to be prepared. Except on how to profit OneForex's training program also focuses on how to avoid big and destructive loses.

OneForex and SmartHub

If you study hard and then perform well on the educational account our partner SmartHub will let you keep the profit for you. This is the key advantage of our training program. First we teach you how to trade succesfully and then put you in a closest to the real trading environment where you can practice what you've learned. There is no risk for your money because you are trading with educational account. If you are able to put into practice all those strategies you've learned and make profit then those earned money will be transfered on you request to a real trading account and you will become a real Forex trader.
Only for members

The OneForex training program and its educational packages are available only for OneLife members. If you would like to start the program and become a real Forex trader please click the Sign in button