OneForex 10K Challenge - Support Guide

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are very excited because our first ever Forex trading competition - the OneForex 10K Challenge - is about to start. We would like to wish good luck to all participants and may the best trader win!
Our mission is to make everything to be as smooth as possible. This is why we would like to take this opportunity to discuss a few points which may cause unwanted problems.

What might prevent you from getting the most out of your participation in the OneForex 10K Challenge contest:

  1. Have I redeemed my code?

Please note that you have to redeem the code you have received when you’ve bought the entry ticket. If you have bought an entry ticket but for some reason have not redeemed the code you are not actually participating in the contest.

  1. Am I using the right trading account?

You can open many accounts in the OneForex platform and trade with them. But please bear in mind that the right account is the one received (on screen, by email) after your code has been redeemed. It is a practice account funded with 10,000 EUR. This is the only account whose results will be considered when the ranking is made. All other accounts (with other balances, names, types) will not be taken into consideration.

  1. Am I using the right username and password?

After successful registration you will have two usernames and two passwords. The first combination of login credentials is for the Client Portal ( You’ve chosen that username and password when redeeming the code. The second set of username and password is for the MetaTrader5 platform (web version ) and was automatically generated and sent to you by email.
Please be careful which set you are using! If you can't login it might be because you are using the wrong credentials.

  1. Where to log in?

Our Forex trading platform comes in three different versions:

- Mobile – very easy to use. Trade directly from you mobile phone;

- Desktop – for advanced users, this version has to be installed on your PC;

- Web – opens directly in your browser . No installation. Very easy to use.

If you don't know which version of the platform to use – the Web version is best for you. Access it here

  1. I have made a profit but my result is not displayed in the ranking. Why is that?
    There might be a few reasons for this.
    - the ranking shows only the top 10 results. If you are currently in 11th place your name would not be shown in the ranking;
    - the ranking is updated on every 4 hours. If you’ve made a huge profit you must wait for the next scheduled update.
    - you are not trading in the right account. This problem was already discussed in p. 2 above;
    - you are calculating your balance value while you equity shows that currently you are losing. Balance shows the result from closed trades while Equity shows the result from closed trades and those which are currently open. That is where the difference is coming from and the reason why you don’t see your name in the rankings.

If you are experiencing a problem not described here please contact our Customer Support Department at

Trade well, have fun and maybe you will one of the winners of OneForex 10K Challenge!


The OneForex Team



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