Recent market researches show that the next global recession is not far off

Global Markets turmoil...

Dow Jones experience the second biggest daily drop of the year...

Did we witness the beginning of a bear market?

The next recession is coming…

Those were just some of the headlines in the press all over the world following the recent drop in the US stock market. After such a sharp drop everybody expects to see the beginning of a new world crisis. But putting all the emotions to the side can we really expect such a shake of the global economy in the near future?     

While there is always a probability of such a thing to occur it is better to turn our attention to the indicators which have real track record of being good forecasters of when a recession might start. As our followers know the majority of these indicators do not show a possibility of a crisis in the next 6 months. 

But what about after this period is over? Or even after a year or two? 

And the main question is not WHEN is the recession coming. It is WHAT are you going to do about it?

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